Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Mini Prep Plus Food Processor Review

Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Mini Prep Plus Food Processor Review

Are you living along or have 2 members family? DLC-4CHB is mini prep food processor. It has capacity of 4 cups and can cater your daily small food needs. Its an ideal machine to sit on your kitchen top. It will take very little space as it is compactly designed and is made lightweight so you can easily move around.


Before you begin reading below for detail analysis we recommend that you have a quick 30 second look at product page by following this link Amazon.


With little change in names and sizes more or less the same machine comes in variety of options to select from, brushed stainless, brushed chrome, white, metallic rod. Cuisinart provides variety of colors to suit your likings. Its priced very affordable given its 4 cup and is able to do wide variety of tasks.


Like DLC-4ABC it also comes with reversible blade system. The two directions alter the results one is to have chopped finish while the other offers grinded output.


Expect DLC-4CHB to be able to chop onions, grind potatoes, garlic.

It can handle low density food item that will help you in your daily chores.

Does great job in chopping peppers, making Cajun, grinding meat, coleslaw preparation, or even salsa and pesto.DLC-4CHB mini Food processor


Cuisinart food processors are all made safe and are easy to clean. Ideally you should clean the machine immediately once you are done with the job. Its dishwasher safe machine and also cleanable with hands. The spatula which come along helps in this process. You can clean the motor encasing or the base unit with sponge or cloth. If you do sea food occasionally then add some lemon into the cleaning foam.


You might have noticed there is no pulse button on the touchpad well it is because these are hold down buttons. The chop and grind button can act as pulse if you press and release the buttons. You need to experiment it for first few session until you can master the art of coarse of a fine finish. If you wish to get more control and get even pureed results then it would be a good idea to consider smart stick model number name CSB-75BC it would add to your kitchen capabilities. Both these machines complement each other.


Please observe the word BRUSHED it means the body’s plastic is given the look of stainless. It is not stainless steel.

Small machine for small ordeals. If you occasionally have big family dinner then it would be a better idea to consider this unit 11 cup or 14 cup model . We have done reviews on the website as well.

If you want this small Cuisinart mini food processor last for years then  always fill it lower than capacity to avoid motor overloading. It’s not a heavy duty motor but rather designed to handle lower end loads. Please do not try kneading pie or pizza dough in this you might smell the motor burning. You need to consider the bigger models like this one  for jobs like kneading dough. But it


There is huge demand of this model on amazon and there are tons of more details reviews you might be interested to read. Over all it’s a entry level machine and will suffice the small daily needs. If you can afford to add few more dollars then consider mid size machine like 7 Cup DLC-10SY . You can also read our details review of this 7 cup here on this website.  But if you are on tight budget then the good news is that this lad has been around for years and has loads of happy customers.

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