Cuisinart DFP-14NRY 14 Cup Food Processor Review

Cuisinart DFP-14NRY 14 Cup Food Processor Review


Nobody makes 14 cup food processors at reasonable and economical rates than Cuisinart. With decades of research and loads of customers DFP-14NRY Cuisinart food processor is an excellent addition to their 14 cup inventory. If you are hand chopping ninja then its time to take some rest and give this food processor the duties. This machine will be your one time investment and will become a strong asset for years to come.


You can read brief features here on Amazon  but for important detailed review please keep on reading:


A red which is more of attractive Greyish Strawberry color can make your kitchen counter more lively and attractive


It is designed to prioritize safety and efficiency.


After usage, you can easily clean it with dishwasher or even with your hands such is the simplicity of this elegant design.


If you are vegetarian and are looking for healthy diet then you will love it as it can chop, shred, slice your veggies seamlessly.

Craving for coleslaw then use the shredder blade.

The motor is powerful enough to knead dough for pizza and bread. It makes excellent Hummus and pesto.

Shred cheese easily without facing the problem of gap between outer rim and chute. Although it comes in category of mid-size food processors but it can also do the work of an average Cuisinart mini food processor.

If you are fan of graham cracker crust or pie crust DLC-10SY can handle it as well.

If your wife struggles with meat balls then you can gift her and she would grind chicken to make them.


Its lighter in weight than the other model and you can gift to your wife who would love you even more.


14 cup is the largest size of food processor and with a powerful 720 watt motor with 5 years warranty can deal with big amounts of veggies or dough. Because of big size you don’t need to open it repeatedly to do another set of chopping or shredding.
Cuisinart 14-cup Food Processor


Like the sister model DFP-14BCWNY it also has large feed tube to ensure that you don’t have to do pre cutting.


Additionally, with feature of the smaller vents help in making a more fluidly mix for recipes like Hummus.


It comes up with Chopping/Mixing/Dough Blade, Medium shredding disc, 4mm Slicing disc, Small and large pushers, cover with extra-large feed tube, 14 cup bowl, spatula to clear

and a housing base which remains firmly at its place. In addition to its color you can make things prettier by addition by getting these holder for discs and blades.

Click to see Disc/Blade Holder or  Disc Holder Box

It has a strong build and you will be surprised unlike other noisy motors how silently it will do its work.


Its assembly is not trouble-some. If you are using a food processor for first time it might take you few minutes to understand but for the second time you can compile it in a fairly quick way. The best part it you will be overwhelmed how quickly it performs, your daily kitchen work time will be greatly reduced by addition of this in your arsenal.


All Cuisinart food processors come with 3 years full machine and 5 years motor warranty so you can be assured of your investment.


No SealTight technology is employed

Setting up machine can be time taking but you will get better with experience.


People who are buying this are rating it 5/5 you can read some of the reviews here. It can easily perform the tasks of chopping, shredding, kneading dough, slicing veggies, pure and emulsifying. To conclude don’t look at the price but analyse how much time it will save it in which you can do something more. We strongly recommend this product so click here now and get your  machine ordered.



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